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KinCare is one of Australia’s largest in-home, aged-care and disability support providers. In early 2017, as choice for in-home aged care providers became customer-directed, Pollen partnered with KinCare to refresh their brand and completely overhaul their website – the forefront of the KinCare staff and customer experience.

Alongside the team at Pollen, I worked across strategy, design and development to build and optimise a new website that better supported the KinCare customer journey.

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User experience design and discovery

To better understand the KinCare customer and business, I worked with Pollen’s Experience Design Director Adrian Wiggins to define, develop and deliver a range of user research, including interviews, personas, customer journey maps, flow maps, and analytics reviews.

Picture by Jeremy Simons http://www.jeremysimons.com.au/

A new modular platform

This research supported the design of wireframes, prototypes and information architecture which laid the foundation for a robust new platform that accommodated for the range of new content that Pollen developed alongside the new site. The new platform uses a number of module-based templates for flexible page creation.

New features and pages

I was also responsible for strategy and user experience design for a number of new pages and features.

I developed the user experience of 16,000 dynamic pages of new content that helped improve search engine visibility, drive traffic and generate leads.

I also developed the user experience of service pages that helped explain the breadth and depth of KinCare's services to their customers.

Most recently, I crafted the strategy and experience of KinCare’s flexible respite calculator, a new tool that demonstrates how flexible respite can be easily tailored to the needs of a carer and care recipient.


Over the course of a year, we drove an increase in online enquiries by potential customers and saw significant improvements of key engagement metrics including:

  • – Decreased bounce rate by 16%
  • – Increase in pages per session by 22%
  • – Increase in time on site by 33%
  • – Increased SEO visibility by four figures, including increased traffic to careers pages by 240%

Pollen and KinCare continue to work together to evolve their digital business. The website just one part of KinCare’s larger, ongoing evolution as a first-rank provider of in-home, aged care and disability support services.

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